Oliver Grant

Artist & Designer

Everything starts with drawing. For me, drawing is a need, a driving force which grows stronger within me. I believe every artist has this need, but each one comes in a different form. The unifying core is creativity. And that is what we call an Artist. After a lot of experimentation, that force continually fed my need to draw and create digital art.


My favourite projects are in the form of portraits of my favourite characters throughout the gaming, comics and anime world. I like using dynamic poses for my characters, always trying to portray them in a way I haven't seen others use them. I try to be adventurous with the colours and shapes I use, and to continually push myself in each project. My specialism is in Character Design. 


As long as I keep pushing myself, the sky truly is the limit. 

Latest Works

Pencil to Digital

I do what I love and I love what I do.

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