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Galactic Warrior So Far

So above is my latest piece, I designed the galactic warrior a month ago in Photoshop (March). In April I started designing it again, however I also got a Job working as an Admin in April, which significantly slowed progress. I like how she is blocked out, but she could use a lot of refinement. I haven't done much in the way of texturing so far. So the things to work on would be making sure her hair looks good, to get the clothing textured nicely and then move it all over into Maya via Topogun. I've started moving her base model (the body) through Topogun now, as I just need her basic form for the low poly, and I'll continue to work on her high poly in Z brush. I plan on doing most of the texturing for her in either Z brush, Photoshop or substance painter. However I still have an entire suit of armour to produce for her too, which might be easier textured in Substance Painter or the Quixel Suite.

So far I am pretty happy with her, I see a lot of flaws, but I think it's important to finish her and make sure she is presentable, as I see flaws with just about everything I create.

Above is a picture of the stuff I did much earlier on, just after I got a job in a Pub, I worked on this, producing a ton of different assets to bring them into unity to create a small level. However after working on the AK47, i discovered some major flaws in my pipeline process, so I will be revisiting these after the Galactic warrior is finished, and fine tuning them. The tank could use alot of work in my opinion, I could make it many times more detailed, however Ill also need to decide what intricacies can be saved for texturing.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how much stuff I have in terms of models, it's just a matter of completing them to make them presentable in a Showreel.

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