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Model So Far

So I made a few alterations. At first this model was meant to be just oneof two, but I decided against that as it was taking me so long to produce due to having a full time job for 2 months as an admin. I decided to give her more equipment to wear and accessories to make the character more interesting, and make her, her own thing. I'll still make the other model as a massive suit of armour, but that'll be it's own model when I get around to it rather than part of a set.

So far I think it's going well, the poly count seems fine (clocking around 45k poly's for the entire model), which I think is ok for a protagonist or antagonist type character. I won't be adding any more poly's now, I'm just onto texturing. It's fully unwrapped, the hair successfully pulled into Maya. It's mostly just about making sure the Diffuse, Normal and Spec maps are completed to a high standard, the hair looks good in render, the eyelashes look good in render and the render settings are solid overall.

Looking from this perspective, it looks pretty decent, however I know that once pulled into maya, it can look very different if I am not careful, so for now I'm going to be worry about making sure that the finished product in Maya looks as close to the Z Brush version as possible.

Other things to note: I've been doing a heavy amount of drawing lately to make sure I'm up to standard again, I feel that this has really pushed me further. Frankly it hasn't taken a lot for me to feel like my skills have come a long way. I find I learn best from watching others do something and learning through watching rather than doing or hearing an explanation. The paint affects on the girl was drawn by me, but I watched another artist paint the face of an old man first to see how someone else would approach painting skin tone, and it greatly aided my attempt as I knew what to look for. From now on rather than just attempting something or listening to an explanation, I will spend most of my time improving through watching someone better attempt something similar and try to learn through viewing it, I believe that is how I learn best.

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