Web Design & Assets

In this section, unlike others, you will find links to work I have done for other employers. This includes Graphics / Artwork, HTML, CSS and user interface plugins.

Social Media Posts and Graphics

This banner was made because the twitter account needed a more unique and artistic touch to allow it to immediately catch the audiences attention and give off a professional aesthetic.

I've created quite a few infographics like these to be used for social media purposes. An effective way to try to get across some stats in an interesting and engaging aspect.

I've done a few social media Ads which require more constraint and limitations creatively based on the branding guidelines of the customer. This is a good example of a customer with very strict branding guidelines to work with. Still an enjoyable project however!

Web Pages and Assets

All of the major graphics you find within these pages (Headers, Videos and Buttons) were created by myself, I also implemented and added them to the websites, as well as creating each of the webpages.

These are pathway/roadmap designs which I created for GKA, to show off the specific learner journeys those who undertake a GKA apprenticeship will go through. In total there were 8 completely unique designs created for this GKA families roadmap project, and each design/family covers a minimum of 3 courses. In total I had to create and publish 49 different versions of pathways and counting.

Due to the different limitations of these websites, I found I had in someways more freedom on the Keto website, and thus I was able to integrate a more dynamic background. I designed and created this page completely.

I designed and created this page, and all the graphics involved apart from the products which were assets given to me. We were looking for a way to improve the shop, using a fewer number of items in the shop, but making each individual item stand out more.

Everything on this web page was written and created by myself. The table to separate each element out to make it easier to read and understand. The graphic to add an extra amount of quality and effort to the page. 

Everything on this page was created by myself, however most of the writing came from assets provided to me. Due to the limitations of this website, there is a background image permanently set on each page. The only way to add a background image to a new page was to create an image, and then add images overlaying that intial image in absolute position, then resize for different screen sizes as required. Everything was mapped in photoshop to minimize the amount of resizing required. The colours involved are the campaign colours.

The Lets Talk Diabetes campaign page was entirely written by myself, as well as all the assets on this page outside of the videos. The banner at the top was a simple amalgamation of all the videos, cropped and merged together. The print assets were all created by myself using stock photo references, and maps. All the facts used in each image were taken from another source provided to me. 

An event to celebrate the Surrey Half Marathon. Everything on this page was written by myself, the assets were provided to me. 

Print & Online Assets

All these assets were created for the LetsTalkDiabetes campaign. As this campaign will be continuous from now on, I decided to use a different colour scheme so the page and message stands out against our regular colour scheme. Most of the wording was provided to me, however some of the wording which do not involve facts are my own. I very much enjoyed creating these.